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A Bit About Us

Applivon simple and honest business objective is to deliver Apps that simplifies YOUR business operations, which we coined as ‘Applfying Your Business’.

Founded by 3 colleagues who are passionate in providing solution to simplify life and business, seeing our customer’s projects come to live and completion successfully makes us happy. 

With a combined experience of over 40 years in delivering Business Apps projects of various types and sizes, we see adaptation and adoption to changes important in life as it is in business. We believe with radical changes digitalization brings, companies must adapt and adopt simple but well-designed Apps. In Applivon,  App is what we do.

The Founders

The Project Czar
The Project Czar
He is a straight talker, no-nonsense guy who ensures all projects are delivered based on scope and timeline with his mean whip by his sides. Just kidding! This Czar breathes, lives & speaks PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) and earned respects from the most difficult customers. A certified PMP professional, he has an antenna that triggers every time the word ‘TRY’ was used. The Czar believes that word should be totally abolished and fine $2 to anyone who uses it. During his free time, this highly eligible bachelor learns to play the guitar and spend time talking to his lovely parents in India.
The Geek
The Geek
This Geek mom with 7 children has an affair with technology for over 20 years. A both left and right brainer who codes, design and crafted solutions, she finds business re-engineering the most thrilling. The Geek ensure customer’s ROI are maximised and the ship’s at it’s peak. She is crazy on Audible, Kindle, Udemy, Coursera, EdX and the likes and is a certified ACTA trainer who advocates on life long learning. During her free time, she cooks a damn good Laksa (You want to be on her guest list that once a year!), spends time with her 7 minions and teacher husband.
The Solutionist
The Solutionist
This vogue mother of a 16 year old has arrays of experiences with the Big Boys, namely SAP and Sage to name a few. Being a certified Management Consultant in the IT consultancy business for over 20 years, she loves talking to business owners to understand their pain and challenges. You can’t help but to get equally excited when you talk to her about the creative solutions she can offer. Our clients who always became fast friends loves her warmth, friendly nature, and articulation that simplifies things. She keeps the ship sailing. This forever young lady aspires to go against her biological age and loves, loves online shopping.

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