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Applivon OmniChannel App

Case Study: Omni Channel Management App

“What once took weeks is now done in minutes”

Users: 15

Industry: Retail, Distribution & Wholesale

Business: Camera Equipment and Accessories

Highlight: What once took weeks is now done in minutes

Application: Omni-Channel connector, Point-of-Sales, Sales Management, Purchase Management, Inventory Management, Accounting Management, Commission Management, Warranty Management, Employees & Payroll Management

The company is passionate about their service quality and represent products that demonstrate the highest standards in design and performance.

As they grew, they started to notice more and more obstacles such as, their accounting and point-of-sales software being used beyond its limits. The system was unable to scale with their plan to grow their on-line business. Due to lack of integration and data sharing, they spent huge amount of time managing repeat works such as stock update, commission calculation, returns and purchase requisition.

The integrated Omni Channel Management solution support to grow their on-line business and manage their cost better.  They are able to operate from a single system to manage stock demand from on-line and off-line businesses, with the system capabilities to automate fulfillment process and needed calculations.

Case Study: XcheduleMax – Scheduling and Field Force App

“Improved response and service standards to customers, reducing errors and costs”

​Users: 10

Industry: Service, Repair and Maintenance

Business: Waterproofing and Water leakage Repair

Highlight: Improved response and service standards to customers, reducing errors and costs

Application: Appointment booking, Work Order management, Scheduling, Resource Management, Sales/Quotation management, Field Force Mobile App, Accounting Management, Employee and Payroll Management

The company is the leading waterproofing and leakage specialist in Singapore since 1999. They pride themselves in completing thousands of cases using flood infusion treatment.
​To stay innovative and competitive in a service industry where labor is always a shortage, the company needed a system that could curtail as much repeat work as possible. A smoother and seamless communication and clarity as the job passed from one function to another function was key to ensure the service standards are adhered.
The scheduling software manages a one-through process, starting from the first customer touch point in setting appointments, to site-survey and final work order completion. Visits are scheduled automatically matching to the correct and available resources, based on the correct information originating from sales and master products.
AppyGuard Login Screen

Case Study: AppyGuard – Security Manpower Management App

“With improved process and system, the company up their grade by Singapore Licensing Regulatory and Ministry of Manpower”

Users: 70+

Industry: Service Provider

Business: Security Manpower Service Provider

Highlight: With improved process and system, the company up their grade by Singapore Licensing Regulatory and Ministry of Manpower

Application: Visitor Management, Patrol Management, Incident Management, Attendance Management, Payroll and Leave Management, Mobile Application

The company thrives by always seeking to transform themselves with security technologies and skills upgrading in order to uphold the highest service standards to their customers.

The company needed real-time visibility and access to all activities and information happening to all projects island wide. Speed, control and accuracy is crucial for them to respond to the demands of their customers when managing more than 30 projects at any given time. Not to mention the on-going challenge of labor shortage in their industry

The security manpower management software is a fully integrated solution to allow them to have a homogenous user interface, quick and mobile updates, a perfect answer to their requirements. The system provides real-time data for them to present to their customers in a timely fashion. It also helps to provide accurate and automated calculation for payroll to their staff.

Case Study: Odoo Apps

“Improved business visibility from reporting and analysis. Productivity gain from 3 months to 4 hours”

Users: 20+

Industry: Trading & Distribution

Business: Bakery packaging products

Highlight: Improved business visibility from reporting and analysis. Productivity gain from 3 months to 4 hours

Application: Sales Management, Purchase Management, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management and Accounting Management

A Singapore based company founded in 1992, with operating offices in Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Indonesia. 

Facing increasing demand for high volume production led to inefficiency in tracking and processes in their system back then. There were delays in generating documents accurately and hence resulting in delivery delay. Absence of insights to reporting and analysis led to lack of information for performance improvement and business decisions. The employees are over loaded with repeat manual work and checking, leading to frustrations and more delays

The challenges are quickly addressed adequately by implementing a readily integrated Odoo ERP. The simple-to-use and simple-to-understand system helps the staff to overcome the fear of extensive learning and lack of control. Odoo ERP which is customizable, has been scaled many times over to meet the dynamic change of the business.  


Customised Solutions

• Price Configurator for mix and match pricing • Price Configurator for project-base product specification (e.g. length, thickness etc) • Private capital management • Call Centre CRM and agent management • Campaign management • Commission management • Learning Management • And more

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