Omni Channel Management Solution

Applivon Omni Channel Management Solution is a web based and mobile enabled application, end-to-end business solution that enables your business to sell more locally and globally with less effort.

Application Features

Omni channel integration
Full integration of Omnichannel Management System

Allows you to connect to your preferred marketplaces on One Platform

Connecting your business to your preferred marketplaces such as Lazada, Qoo10, eBay to expand your sales channels can now be a breeze. Now, think a further step to connect these marketplaces to your company web store, self-service kiosk, POS and even call centre to provide a full and complete view as your sales roll in. Manage all your sources of leads and sales from via the Omni Channel Management App with ease!

Unifies Inventory for Optimal Inventory Management

Inventory is automatically monitored, transferred and replenished for each sales item and channel. Keeping inventory accurate for all marketplaces and sales channels allows for better end customer experience, while operational efficiency is optimized. This business app allows for off-site management for warehouse operators/personnel, making inventory management seamless and easy.

Inventory Detail Screen
Order Fulfilment Screen

Integrate to backend for delivery, invoicing, accounting and reporting

Providing real-time update to all backend functions for error-free, smoother reconciliation and faster turn-around.

Benefits to Your Company

Sales and Marketing efficiency as marketplaces are managed on one platform, allowing time saved from repetitive work.

Reduce chances of ‘out of stock’ as platform allows for optimized inventory management and order delivery, thereby sales flow and customer experience can be enhanced.

Invoicing and accounting processes and reconciliation enhanced and seamlessly integrated with real-time update, thereby reducing man-hours and resources in painful reconciliation paperwork.

Analysis helps company to understand business performance and dive into areas of improvement without questions

Watch How Our Features Work

​Good for customers in Wholesale & Retail, Trading​

Client Success Story

“What once took weeks is now done in minutes”– Camera Retailer & Wholesaler

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